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Dog owners guideBy:Kasco mills, IncPublished on 1950 by This Book was ranked at 33 by Google Books for keyword dog. Book ID of Dog owners guide’s Books is zPxUAAAAYAAJ, Book which was written byKasco mills, Inchave ETAG “OhIlo1ATO0c” Book which was published by since 1950 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is and ISBN 10 Code […]

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A rollicking rhyming picture book from bestselling author Julia Donaldson about a dog who uses her amazing sense of smell to solve mysteries. When Detective Dog Nell puts her nose to the task, there’s no mystery she can’t solve. Whether she’s tracking the missing shoe of her human, Peter, or locating some lost honeycomb, all Nell has to do is sniff, sniff, sniff and she’s hot on the trail. Besides solving mysteries, there’s something else Nell loves—listening to children read. Every Monday, Peter takes her to school where children tell her stories. One day, Nell and Peter arrive to find that all the books are gone. Who could have taken them? And why? There’s only one dog for the job, and Detective Dog Nell is ready to sniff out the thief!

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Filled with essential checklists, worksheets and advice, The Small Business Start-Up Guide will get you up and running The Small Business Start-Up Guide is a must-have resource for anyone starting a business. Covering everything you need to know to start successfully, it will save you immeasurable amounts of time, effort and money.

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I just found out my father lost his job and we have to move. My name is Maximus, but you can call me ”Max.” I am a five-year-old yellow English Labrador Retriever and this is my first children’s book in a series called, ”Read with Max.” As you read my story, I’ll share my moving adventure with you from my point of view. My book includes many photos of my friends and me during my moving experience. After you finish reading my book, you will know that if I can move, you can move too.

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Master data analysis, modeling, and spreadsheet use with BUSINESS ANALYTICS: DATA ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING, 6E! Popular with students, instructors, and practitioners, this quantitative methods text delivers the tools to succeed with its proven teach-by-example approach, user-friendly writing style, and complete Excel 2016 integration. It is also compatible with Excel 2013, 2010, and 2007. Completely rewritten, Chapter 17, Data Mining, and Chapter 18, Importing Data into Excel, include increased emphasis on the tools commonly included under the Business Analytics umbrella — including Microsoft Excel’s “Power BI” suite. In addition, up-to-date problem sets and cases provide realistic examples to show the relevance of the material. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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High-Output ManagementBy:Andrew S. GrovePublished on 1996-01 by Vintage This Book was ranked at 13 by Google Books for keyword business. Book ID of High-Output Management’s Books is ZQFkPgAACAAJ, Book which was written byAndrew S. Grovehave ETAG “FPZatwEOuY4” Book which was published by Vintage since 1996-01 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is 9780679772040 and ISBN 10 […]

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Paco gets a puppy on his 7th birthday. The dog grows up and completely takes over the leadership from him. What can Paco do to keep the fierce dog? He gets complaints about the dog that has bitten a schoolmate, and he is afraid that the dog will be killed because of this. Paco is very fond of the dog, who is his only companion, and he will do everything required to keep it. Paco also has problems in his school, where his classmates bully him because he is so small. The dog and Paco help each other to solve their problems.

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IIE Integrated Systems Conference ProceedingsBy:Published on 1987 by This Book was ranked at 37 by Google Books for keyword business plan. Book ID of IIE Integrated Systems Conference Proceedings’s Books is y2hRAAAAMAAJ, Book which was written by have ETAG “xPH3xDa1a0E” Book which was published by since 1987 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is and ISBN […]

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This first edition on Business Economics brings all the concepts related to economic activities of the country, welfare of the consumers also business houses? survival, competition and taking quality decisions. The textbook comprises essential features of the relevant chapters which are not included in the book. The book also includes significant and living examples mentioning practical aspects related to the subject.