Katie the Kid Changer


Katie the Kid Changer is the story of a young eight year old girl and how she would change the world we live in if she were in charge. In Katie's world people will never get hungry or thirsty but they will be able to eat and drink if they want to. Dogs and cats will be able to talk in a human voice to each other and humans. Horses will fly and plants and trees will be able to tell you when they need a drink of water. Every kid will get one million dollars to spend however they want. They can drink as many root beer floats without getting sick. Kids will be able to turn time back by up to three hours if they are doing something fun and do not want to stop. Katie also has a very serious side to her world where people will never get cancer or have heart disease, or grow old, or die. People will never get divorced, or fight in wars, and kids will never be abused in Katie's world. There will be no more car accidents and people will never get hurt. Katie is a delightful little girl that has her refreshing and perfect world all figured out. Everyone will love "Katie the Kid Changer." Our world is due for a change!


Tony a Smith, Denise M Smith
Paperback | 62 pages
152 x 229 x 4mm | 127g
Publication date
25 Feb 2015
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform