A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales


All three regional volumes of A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales are available in this set. Volume I covers South-East Wales and the English Border (2007). Volume II and Volume III cover South-West Wales (2007) and North Wales (2013) respectively. Each volume consists of a full analytical introduction and a catalogue of individual monuments with discussions and numerous photographs and line-drawings. Volume II is a winner of the Cambrian Archaeological Association's G.T. Clark Prize. Around 550 early medieval inscribed stones and pieces of stone sculpture are now known from Wales and are of crucial importance to our understanding of the period between the end of Roman Britain and the coming of the Normans. For example, their archaeological context can help us to identify early burial and church sites and reveal much about the development of Christianity and the patronage of major monasteries. Equally, a study of the form, ornament and iconography of the monuments, as well as the inscriptions, their formulae, languages (both Latin and Celtic) and epigraphy (including ogam), can shed valuable light on the functions and dating of the stones and indicate Christian contacts, both between different parts of Wales, and further afield with the Continent, Ireland, Anglo-Saxon England, and the `Irish Sea Province' in the Viking period.


Dr Mark Redknap, John M. Lewis
Hardback | 1648 pages
215 x 275mm
Publication date
30 Apr 2013
University of Wales Press
Publication City/Country
Wales, United Kingdom
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